Video Collection

A walk around the new editions to the collection including a very straight John Deere 4255 and a 70, 730 and 820 Diesel with a donkey engine for starting.
WPR Farms Ltd. getting land in Northumberland ready for sowing wheat withe their Cat Challenger MT865C and Simba SL 700 Cultivator.
The Bean brothers having their maize silage harvested by Leslie Brown Contracting Services Using the Claas jaguar 970 forage harvester and a Fendt 716 and John Deere 6125R both paired with Bailey trailers.


Previously involved in agriculture but now enjoying photographing and filming any aspects of farming that I can. I spend a lot of time on a friends farm who practices no till farming. We will be following the crops on this direct drilling farm in Northern England from no till planting through to harvest and finding out on the way the benefits of zero till in association with crop rotation, cover crops forage crops. The farm carries sheep and suckler cows so grassland and forage crops will be featured as an improvement programme is already in place.